FinTech Meet-Ups

We are proudly organizing FinTech Meet-ups in Istanbul by inviting global FinTech speakers and thought leaders.

We also host C level managers of the Turkish finance regulation organizations and banking ecosystem.

Our first meet-up was done at February of 2016 and we host Mr. Chris Skinner. Key topics we covered were

  • Fintech in Europe,
  • Why FinTech is so important?
  • FinTech is a rising star in Turkey and this is the right time for FinTech.

1st meet-up

Our second meet-up was done at May of 2016 and due to high demand we invited Mr. Skinner again.

2nd meet-up

Our third meet-up was done at December of 2016. Our guest speaker was Mr. David Birch. During this meet-up we launched the Turkish translation of Mr. Birch’s well known and best seller book; “Identity is The Ne Money” Our key topics were about the definition of Blockchain and digital identity. We made a special interview with him.

We also hosted Oliver Bussmann, Meinhard Benn, Eddy Travia, Hakim Mamoni and many other special guests and speakers during our FinTech 101 classes and meet-ups.

We’ll continue to organising our meet-ups to connect Turkish financial, banking and FinTech ecosystem with the global leaders, companies and aldo startups.